2024 Super bowl Fundraiser held at the Old Verdi Public School.

The VHPS Board of Directors are constantly looking for ideas to come up with creative ways to raise funds to support our many projects as well as keeping our local history alive. So the Super Bowl Fundraiser was born.

Who doesn’t like Food, Drink and Football celebrated with members of the VHPS, Family and Friends! We had 2 big screen viewing platforms with plenty of room for people to move and mingle, places to sit and eat and watch the game. Restrooms where clean and plentiful. We had lots of delicious finger licking food and beverages to wash it all down. Everyone was having a great time and even though some peoples team didn’t win they enjoyed all the comradery and excitement in the room.

We would like to invite you to come out and experience our little town and what it has to offer. We also ask that you consider joining our organization and maybe volunteering at some of our events. Also consider using the old school as a venue for an upcoming event that you might have planned like a Wedding, Birthday party, Reunion, Retirement Party and the list goes on and on. You can follow use on Facebook and through the website and also read about events on the sign outside the old school house on Bridge st.