Honor Bestowed on Two Local Residents

On Sunday, December 17th at noon a great honor was bestowed on two of our oldest residents and lifelong Verdi History Board members. Their family presented a bench to the Verdi Historical Preservation Society located at the Old Verdi Public School. The bench was engraved in their parents’ honor for their dedication not only to keeping the history of Verdi alive with their real-life stories but also their active involvement in the community.

It was a great time for the Walker Family and Walt and Helene as they had family and long-time friends at the presentation of this engraved bench to the Verdi Historical Preservation Society in honor of Walt and Helene at the Old Verdi School under the Bell.

This event was held on December 17, 2023, at The Old 1926 Verdi Public School (VPS).

Below are some more photos from the Walker Family Bench presentation: