The Old Verdi Public School is ready for your events!

The 1926 Old Verdi Public School at 165 Bridge Street-Verdi-NV

After a couple of years of constant renovations, improvements and upkeep our beloved Old Verdi Public School is ready to start holding functions for our community. Do you have a Wedding reception, Birthday Bash, Anniversary Celebration or whatever event you might want to plan. Our Facility and grounds are beautiful and are ready for you and your party. We have a shaded picnic are with numerous games and Basketball Hoops, BBQ’s, picnic tables with a beautiful lawn if you just want to stretch out. So come check us out and see if our facility meets your needs. You can check us out on our website for pictures, facility availability and contact information.

We are a local No-profit Organization and function strictly on your donations to keep our local community history alive for our next generations. We ask that you think about becoming a member and volunteer your time at some of our numerous events, or consider making a donation to help us to continue our mission and support our Old School and History Museum.

The Old 1926 Verdi Public School (VPS) is set in the beautiful and Serene western Nevada town of Verdi. Watch the deer as they meander by at peace with their surroundings., or sit and ponder as you enjoy the peace and quiet in our beautiful little town.

Below are some photos of the inside of the Old School hopefully giving people an idea of how to plan their upcoming events: