Friends of the 1926 Verdi Public School Restoration Project

We would like to thank the many people who have helped the Verdi Historical Preservation Society bring the Old 1926 Verdi Public School back to life after so many years and help us convert it into a new Community Center and Museum. The following people have donated Time, Money, Materials, Equipment, and/or Artifacts to help us reach our goal! Thanks to you all for your continued support throughout this project.

Pat Bonk, Keith Canonic, Gail Cassidy, Chet & Shari Damron, Margie Clark, Laura DeMaranville, Bill & Mary Essary, Mary Pat Downing, Jennifer Varner, Network for Good, Craig Ratterree, Dave & Sherrie Long, Scott Chadwick, Glenn Highfield, Troy & Coleen Cannan, Dick Bein, Brad Rosemore, Bruce King, Marie Garson Freeman, Marilyn Schneider, Walt & Helene Walker, Cleve Canepa, Mike Coli, Pete and Barbara Ting, Daniel Rockwell, Cheryl Surface, Quilici Ranch, Heather Powning, Les & Kitty Smith, Leroy Calhoun, Lloyd Howell, Mike Casper, Hebe DelGado, Davey Sparks, Ryan Cook, Charles & Margaret Burback, Jill Burback, Shawna Borgmann, Bud & Kelly Mosconi, Scott & Kathy Wilcox, Adam Zunino, Ann Marie McCann, Brenda Weaver, KaCe Gilbert, Naniece Bucci, Janet Loverde, Jon Wagner, Dee Athey Austin, Regan Ringler Hartzell, Ali Rivera, Carol Draper, Carly Borchard, Stephanie Stoddard, Wyatt Powning, Vern Anderson, Chance Reading, Clint Borchard, Tim Sweeney,